Srishti, Munnar began with the establishment of the Developmental Activities in Rehabilitative Education (DARE) in November 1991 by the Tata Tea Management, to cater to the needs of the differently abled children of the tea plantation workers. Beginning with 29 students and 10 special educators, the aim was to improve the lives of these children, educate them and integrate them into society. Currently there are 57 special children who are taught the basic life and social skills, along with all other skills necessary to lead as normal a life as possible. Once the children attain the age of eighteen, some of them get absorbed into the mainstream while most get rehabilitated into one of our four units in Srishti, namely, Nisarga, The Deli, Aranya Natural and Athulya. The other units of srishti are Disha, Kurinji, Vatika.